100 days of code Day 2!

Day 2 is done! Its going to be awhile before I am able to do projects on my own to practice but I’ll get there! If I keep up my current study pace then I should be starting my first game development project with Udemy next week. I’m excited to see code actually turn into something tangible, to see what the code does and how it interacts and functions within a game will be extremely helpful, I foresee many “AHA!” moments in the near future.

I realize that many who do this challenge put in more time coding than I do on average, so my progress might not be as fast as I would like, but that’s ok! The important thing is that I show up. Every new bit of code I learn is more than I knew yesterday, and even though I may not understand what most of it does yet I know that if I don’t give up and don’t get discouraged I’ll get it…in time. Between trying (and failing) to get the kids to be quiet and behaved long enough to get in a solid study session in, working full time, and keeping the house from looking like a complete disaster area, I am going to have to accept that I am not going to be flying through this, I’m going to need to be patient with myself. I would love to have a 3 hour block of time to study and code, however I consider it a victory to get 30 solid minutes in! I end up watching the Udemy lessons while nursing my 8 month old, and doing 1 code challenge in between chasing the kids or cleaning up the messes they make (my 2 year old found out he could open the refrigerator…he found the eggs!) So in the midst of the chaos I say…BRING ON DAY 3!

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