Day 7 and 8…starting my first game!

I started my game project! I have files for buttons, backgrounds, characters, and fonts. I will be following along with my lessons and when this project is complete I plan to take using what I learned so far and making something of my own. This course has 6 projects to complete, which in itself is rather daunting, but I want to make sure I can make coding second nature to me, I don’t just want to learn how to develop games, I want to confidently call myself an expert.

My kids are seeming to make it their mission in life to make sure that any study time I carve for myself will not be a relaxing experience. If I get my youngest happy in his play area then my older 2 decide that is when they want to show me their dinosaurs and proceed to try to bring me every dinosaur they have and put them right in front of the computer screen. My oldest is 4 and he has started playing games on the computer, which means every time I sit down he thinks we are going to play together, its adorable but incredibly distracting! However watching what he enjoys playing on the computer has given me some ideas on what my first game will be, I want to make something he can play! So that’s my goal! Lets do this!

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