Starting 100 days of code…again!

So my streak for my first one hundred days of code challenge was…drum roll please…1 day. I did one day and haven’t done anything since then. So instead of just forgetting about this, or beating myself up over it, I am starting again. False starts happen, what matters is to never give up, I have a feeling I am going to be reporting on my frustrations and failures much more than I will be celebrating victory, at least at first. I will be attempting to set some sort of routine with my kids to allow me more time to study and code…and it’s gonna stick this time…it will!

So #100daysofcode round 1 day 1 begins…again!

So instead of looking at the one hundred day challenge as one solid thing, I am breaking it down into weeks. So for my first week I really just want to focus on getting comfortable with code. No projects this week just practice and study. I will be focusing on code combat and Udemy courses only for this week. I seem to want to study everything at once which is not exactly productive, so by giving myself a weekly lesson plan I hope to start this challenge on a more productive and sustainable note. Wish me luck!

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